Specialist Coach Training Course


The Specialist Coach Training Course has been running since 1997. It has had hundreds of participants engage in the course worldwide.

Specialist coaching has been proven to be highly effective for those who struggle with learning and behavioral difficulties. 

What is Specialist Coach Training?

We teach Specialist Coaches about  neurological disorders and how to recognise them.  

As a coach you’ll learn how to work with clients with neurological disorders to improve their conditions. You’ll learn how to help clients to attain new skills. Along with improving associated problems such as, anxiety and depression.

This course will enable you to help your clients to enhance their skill sets. With improved focus, better organisation and improved time management. This helps produce an overall improvement in your client.

Clients who receive specialist coaching often improve quickly. They are getting the help that they need and they are becoming more confident to achieve their potential.

Coaching is not therapy but it can be highly therapeutic. 

Our course teaches Specialist Coaches to see the unique struggles that people with neurological disorders face. Then begin to reframe them in a positive way for better client outcomes. 

We teach best practice methods. Such as how to provide strategic planning, interventions and tailored services that match the unique needs of your clients. 

On the Specialist Coaches course you will learn methods that will help your clients to build relationships. From partnerships between themselves and their significant partners, family, employers and friends. These methods result in healthier relationships for your clients.

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for Coaches. Who are aiming to become effective specialists at working with people with neurological disorders. 

Our Specialist Coach Training program teaches professionals how to work in highly effective ways. Particularly with clients who present with; 

  • ADHD,
  • ASD, Asperger Syndrome,
  • Dyslexia,
  • Global Delays,
  • PDD,
  • A variety of neurological and behavioral problems.

About specialist coaches 

Specialist Coach’s are knowledgeable professionals. They facilitate change and transformation in their clients. On this course you will be taught an in-depth knowledge base about Neurodiversity. This enables you to present your clients with knowledgeable interventions and better life options. 

Coaches demonstrate a unique ability to become invested in helping others to transcend problems. In turn helping clients to build new and better pathways for achievement and success in life.

A Specialist Coach is an accountable professional with good boundaries. They become an invaluable person in the life of individuals and their families. 

Benefits of coaching for people with neurological disorders

  • Better self management, 
  • improved communication, social skills and relationships,
  • improved time management and eliminate procrastination
  • anger management, 
  • get rid of bad habits, 
  • improve self confidence and self esteem
  • put stable structures in place, eliminate problems at school, improve productivity at work 
  • increase self motivation, 
  • improve self regulation and performance, 
  • eliminate financial problems, 
  • learn healthy lifestyle habits,
  •  increase positive outlook and improve personal growth and development.