What to expect from family therapy and coaching

How we begin

  • You will be referred to me from another therapist, a psychiatrist, your GP or another allied/associated professional.
  • We will have an initial Zoom or phone consultation to see if I am a good fit for your situation. If we both feel it is a good fit we will continue.
  • In our first session we will tease out what the issues are. Then I will conduct an assessment of your needs.
  • Together we will prioritise the main issues and the order to tackle them.
  • We decide if our sessions will take place over the phone/via video call, or whether to meet in person.
  • Together, we book in four mutually convenient sessions.
  • Generally after each session you will have an assignment to complete. We will review the impact of each assignment in the next session
  • After we have completed the first four sessions we review progress.
  • We continue for as long as is necessary for your situation to improve. The length of therapy you need will depend on your situation.

Family groups

  • Where the whole family is impacted and I am working with every family member, you’ll meet with me as a family group.
  • After our initial meeting, I will then prescribe something overall for the whole family unit. In addition, each family member will be given different assignments to complete over the course of the therapy.
  • This helps you to put structure into family life, as well as helping everyone cope and manage more effectively.

Going forward

If you face new challenges or something comes up, you can always get back in touch. We can work together to restore the balance in your life.

In fact, many of the people I work with over the years often get back in touch. Either at transitional stages in their lives. Or if they have children and start to recognise patterns they saw in themselves and would like help for their children to manage potential challenges.

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